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Club 121 is a Norwegian clothing project, focusing on subtle designs for everyday use.

The project has not been this way forever, and our story is unique in many ways. The name itself has been around since the millennium, and has worked more as an identity for a lot of youngster. Kids with too much time on their hands gathered to express themselves through art, skateboarding, sports, music and love. Club 121 Project as it is now, was established in 2017.

Today we present it as a brand, focusing on the exact same pin-points as we did 15 years back, knowing that its history should remain somehow unknown for the public.

There's Only One United.




You have found your favorite garment and want it quick and easy. No worries, we´re all set!

We ship all over Norway for 69kr. We will ship it to your door!

International shipping is now available. We ship all over the world! Its maybe a bit pricey, but thats Norway for you.

Do you know that you can pick up your order for free?
Our favorite bar, café and bike shop, Oslovelo, is our pick-up point.

Seilduksgata 23A, 0553 Oslo

Great food, coffee and late night drinks*
So, if you live in Oslo, pick up your order for free.


Is it possible to try on your clothes?

If you live in Oslo, there is no problem to come visit. Grünerløkka is the place to be. Just contact us on instagram, facebook or by email and we will make it happen.


Do you sell 121 in any stores?

We sell exclusively from our online store.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us!


Joakim Rosenlund
+47 98442634



Seilduksgata 6a
Oslo, Oslo, 0553